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<h4>Emma Kent</h4>

Emma Kent

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Dr. Nguy was able to see me the same day after I cracked my tooth and provided my broken tooth with a comfortable temporary crown and then a great looking lab made one. I had put off going to the emergency dentist for over a year because of past bad experiences but he was very kind and considerate and made me feel at ease. I will definitely be returning for urgent care and any other Toronto emergency dental services I might need!!
<h4>Sy Han</h4>

Sy Han

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I went to Atlas Dental Toronto emergency clinic to have my wisdom tooth removed as a dental emergency service. Everything about it was smooth. I highly recommend Dr. David. He was very kind and responsible that I was comfortable throughout the whole process. He explained everything I had to take after surgery and also a few days later he asked me how I was feeling with it. The emergency dental clinic Toronto manager, Donna was also so kind and nice. Everything was good and I will definitely visit again soon to take care of my teeth.
<h4>Rapid Home Solutions Inc</h4>

Rapid Home Solutions Inc

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I had a dental emergency during the start of the pandemic. Dr.Nguy was one of the few emergency dentists that were open. He took my call in the middle of the night and saw me the next morning. He was a life saver. He painlessly removes two wisdom teeth and checked up on me Multiple times afterwards. Dr.Nguy will be my emergency dentist for my family going forward and I highly recommend him to any one for emergency services. Thanks again
<h4>Nikita Kapur</h4>

Nikita Kapur

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I had severe toothache due to which I had to go to emergency twice, the severe pain didn’t subside even with high dosage pain killer. We needed an emergency root canal and looked everywhere to find an experienced dentist that was taking new patients even on a Sunday. Luckily we got to know about Atlas Dental Toronto emergency dental clinic, spoke to the dentist immediately and understanding the true dental emergency he agreed to see us within an hour or so!! I was lucky to have found him because the nerve damage was so severe that it was giving me migraine! Dr. David within an hour initiated the emergency dental care and I immediately felt relieved of the severe pain, even after the freeze wore off. So thankful to the doctor!
<h4>Zian Wang</h4>

Zian Wang

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I got a dental emergency emergency of swollen gum and had a timely appointment to relieve pain with Dr. Nguy. Finally decide to extract my wisdom tooth. Dr. Nguy is experienced, and the process is smooth and painless. The appointment form mentioned "need to pay out-of-pocket", but the front desk will help submit the claim to your insurance immediately after your pay. It was a nice and convenient experience!
<h4>Charlene Hong</h4>

Charlene Hong

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I highly recommend this emergency dental clinic! I was having severe toothache and loosen teeth during the pandemic, and no emergency dentist would offer me any help (assuming it was not an emergency). Atlas Dental is a great emergency dental clinic for broken teeth! They provided a free consultation and scheduled me an appointment! They found out my previous experienced dentist has broke the side of my tooth, And Dr. David Nguy Fixed it right away! I didn’t feel anything! (*^o^*) This place is greatly affordable and extremely cautious and kind when it comes to the procedures! Hope the review helps! I really really recommend this place!
<h4>zeinab mohamed</h4>

zeinab mohamed

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I had excruciating wisdom tooth pain and contacted Atlas Dental for an emergency visit. Donna was very helpful and scheduled me in that same morning. The emergency dental care centre was clean and staff were in proper PPE. Dr. Nguy informed me that my wisdom tooth needed to be extracted and provided clear information on what to expect during the procedure. He checked in consistently to ask how I was feeling, while providing care. The extraction was painless and much smoother than I had expected. Dr. Nguy then went through discharge instructions and my prescription with me. I was very impressed with the professionalism displayed in this emergency dental office. Thank you Dr. Nguy and the staff at Atlas Dental Toronto emergency dental clinic for the wonderful experience.
<h4>Kaleena Agboola</h4>

Kaleena Agboola

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I had an emergency root canal and a large cavity in my wisdom tooth. I called Dr. David and he got me booked in right away, he told me that the tooth should not be left untreated and removed my aching tooth the same day! It was fast and fast relieve pain. Gave me clear instructions including cold compress. This dentist's office is good!
<h4>Priyanka Sampanthan</h4>

Priyanka Sampanthan

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I needed to get an emergency wisdom teeth extracted and came upon Atlas during my google search. Best decision. The emergency dentist David Nguy was amazing. He walked me through each step and helped me calm my nerves. Told me to releive pain by using warm water, and avoid the area to prevent further damage. He did such a great job, I was barely in any pain after the first 24 hrs. So glad I chose Atlas and will definitely go again for work like dental implants.
<h4>Amanda Esmailian</h4>

Amanda Esmailian

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I was able to book an emergency dental appointment less than 12 hours prior. I came in early and David took me right away. Turns out nothing serious was wrong, but David gave me a very thorough cleaning which caused the severe pain in the side of my mouth to go away completely! I would highly recommend Atlas Dental and their experienced dentists.
<h4>Salim Bamakhrama</h4>

Salim Bamakhrama

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Personalized service with attention to the patient as a person at this emergency dental clinic Toronto. It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Nguy. I had dental emergency needs and I was tended to in a timely manner. Preparedness during Covid-19 was on point. Proper PPE was used and methodical movements were exercised to minimize potential contamination. Thank you.
<h4>Caitlin Kilmartin</h4>

Caitlin Kilmartin

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I had a dental emergency and am new to the city. Dr. Nguys emergency dental clinic saw me the same day and took care of everything. Could not have had a better experience. Highly recommend!
<h4>Kristine Jardinero</h4>

Kristine Jardinero

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Saw Dr. Nguy during the lockdown when I was having tooth pain and turned out I needed extraction since my tooth had cracked to the root. He was able to quickly diagnose this and scheduled me for an extraction within same week. Communications were easy and office was very comfortable. I was even able to watch some movies while I was waiting for my procedure which made things easier. Extraction itself was virtually painless and recovery was uneventful. Highly recommend.
<h4>Amr Arif</h4>

Amr Arif

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I had severe tooth pain that developed over the weekend and let me tell you, Dr David took that pain away. Despite BOTH of my procedures being extremely complicated, I was provided probably the best emergency dental services I have ever received from a dentist office. From following up after the procedure to making sure I understood exactly what was being done and understanding the root of my pain. Despite living in North York, Dr David is definitely going to be my family dentist. 5/5 definitely recommend!!!
<h4>Christa Lazar</h4>

Christa Lazar

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I haven't seen an emergency dentist for many years (almost 10) because of bad past experiences. I came to see Dr David for an emergency consultation due to excruciating toothache that just couldn't wait longer. After checking out my tooth and doing an x-ray it turned out my filling was loose and my tooth cracked. Since he couldn't save the tooth, extraction was the only option. I was shocked as I wasn't prepared for this at all. I also have an irrational fear of emergency dentists and my tooth was incredibly painful to the lightest touch and warm water. I must say, I am so impressed with Dr David, as he might have cured my fear of emergency dentists. He was so patient, gentle, kind, accommodating, making sure I was comfortable all along. He gave me the option of having the tooth (a molar) extracted right away or another day. I didn't want to deal with more toothache so I agreed to have it done on the spot, with local anaesthetics. I called my son who came by to support me and drive me home afterwards. Dr David gave me enough time to prepare myself, take my antianxiety medication I brought along, then froze the area with a gel and gave me two injections. I didn't feel anything other than pressure. While waiting for the anaesthetic to kick in I asked him to explain the extraction procedure to me, which he did. When I was ready he talked me through every move he was making and I swear to God he extracted the tooth in 5 minutes. Yes, 5, and no pain!!! I still can't believe it! I am so happy, so relieved and so impressed!! Dr David has my vote of the best emergency dentist I ever encountered, and after the covid quarantine is over he will sure see me again to check out the rest of my teeth. Thank you Dr David, you're the best!!!!
  • Same-day dental emergency service is available. We treat a variety of dental emergencies, including tooth aches, broken teeth, lost filling, dental infections, loose dental crowns, loose orthodontic wires, knocked out tooth and wisdom tooth pain. Contact us for more information.
  • Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, walk-ins are not permitted. Call us for an immediate appointment or book online

Dental Emergency Guide

Common dental emergencies and what you can do from home

If you need immediate care, Atlas Dental emergency clinic is here to help. Delaying dental emergency services can cause major dental problems that may be irreversible and expensive, so be sure to contact us as soon as you can. Until then, here are some dental emergencies and how to handle them from home until you can visit the emergency dentist:

Emergency Dental Treatment Costs

Dental emergencies can occur any time, anywhere

Not all trips to the dentist’s office are pleasant. Some patients find themselves in need of an emergency visit and they don’t know how much the emergency dental visit cost will be. The dental costs of a emergency dental appointment is often a cause of anxiety for patients. 

Fortunately, an emergency visit to the dental clinic doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg; when addressed early enough, the dental emergency treatment can be easy and inexpensive. If you delay your visit to the emergency dentist, the dental problems can get worse and the dental costs can go up. Therefore, you should find an emergency dentist immediately at the first sign of a tooth pain or sensitivity. 

What is the cost of emergency dental examination?

Generally, the emergency examination alone can cost between $48-140. Dental x-rays and the emergency dental treatment are charged separately; one dental x-ray image is $30. Two dental x-ray images is $37. So already you are looking at and the total cost of the dental exam to be anywhere between $48-177. This is before the emergency dentist explains your treatment options as those prices will vary greatly depending on the dental problems. 

What is the cost of emergency dental services?

After the initial exam, the emergency dentist will explain to you your emergency dental needs and any dental treatments you require. Experienced dentists will review all treatment options, the risks, the benefits, and costs for each of the treatment options.

Common dental emergencies that cause dental pain include wisdom tooth pain, a broken tooth, chipped tooth, gum disease, bleeding gums, a tooth abscess, or a knocked out tooth from contact sports. Here is a short list of common dental procedures and their approximate costs:

  • Tooth filling: $167-392, will depend on which tooth it is and the size of the filling.
  • Tooth extraction: $169-260, will depend on the difficulty of tooth extraction.
  • Wisdom tooth removal: $258-556, will depend on the difficulty of wisdom teeth removal.
  • Root canal treatment: $562-1307; will depend on the number of root canals in each tooth.
  • Dental crown: $1160-1300; will depend on the dental crown material.
  • Dental implants: $2500-3700, will depend on whether a bone graft and immediate provisional dental implant crown is required or not. 

Emergency dental clinics usually follow the Ontario Dental Association Fee Guide for dental care

The Ontario Dental Association fee guide is a list of suggested fees of more than 900 dental procedures and dental services that gets updated every year. Emergency dental clinics can go above or below the suggested fees for common dental treatments. However, most emergency dental offices will stay within the fee guide range to ensure fair and competitive prices. At Atlas Dental, your emergency dental clinic Toronto for urgent dental care, we are on Ontario Dental Association fee guide for all basic dental care.

What if I have dental insurance coverage?

Having dental insurance coverage will help cover a large portion of the cost, if not all of the cost, of your immediate care needs, such as root canal treatment, tooth removal, tooth filling, or other dental services. Emergency dental examinations, x-rays and dental emergency services are considered basic dental services and usually covered. A true dental emergency will often be covered for the maximum benefit. The amount of coverage will vary from plan to plan, so be sure to find out from your insurance company how much you are eligible for before going ahead with dental emergency service.

We work on your behalf with your insurance company to determine the cost of emergency dental service so you pay out of pocket as little as possible. We accept a variety of payment options to cover any remaining balance. If you do not have a private insurance company and have to pay out of pocket, payment plan options are available.

Our Enhanced COVID-19 Oral Health Protocols

If you are having an oral health issue during the COVID-19 pandemic and you have to visit an emergency dental clinic, there are some things that you should know.

At Atlas Dental Toronto emergency dental clinic, we follow urgent dental care guidelines developed by the RCDSO along with information from the Chief Medical Officer of Health when re-opening our emergency dental office for urgent care.

Here are some of the things we have done to ensure your safety in our emergency dental clinic and provide the best oral health experience during in-person emergency dental services:

  • Strict Infection Prevention and Control protocols
  • Dental instruments are single use or sterilized before use
  • Enhanced personal protective equipment to protect us and you. This includes respirators, face shields, disposable gowns and gloves
  • Screening each new patient for common signs of flu
  • HEPA Filter And UV-C Air Cleaning Systems in each dental opertory
  • Hand sanitizer in each room
  • Minimizing the number of patients allowed in the waiting room
  • Virtual phone consultations whenever possible
  • Eliminating paper forms in favor of electronic medical and dental forms.

If you have any questions about our Toronto emergency dental clinic or any dental procedure, please contact us.

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