Loose or Fallen Out Dental Crown

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Dental crowns provide the tooth with extra strength and support. They are held in by a special dental cement and with proper care and maintenance, they can last a very long time.

Unfortunately, there are times when the tooth crown can fall off. If this happens, it’s visit an emergency dentist. Read more below to learn things you can do to manage the problem until you are seen by a dentist, or contact us for more information.

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Why did my dental crown fall off?

There are a few different reasons why a tooth crown can fall off:

  • Traumatic force. Any sudden impact or traumatic injury can loosen the crown, such as biting down too hard on a very solid or chewy piece of food.
  • Tooth decay. If a cavity starts to form where the dental crown meets the tooth, it can weaken the cement that holds the crown in place, and cause the crown to fall out. A high sugar diet or poor oral hygiene increases this risk.
  • Weakened dental cement. It is also possible that the dental cement has weakened over time and has failed. Certain kinds of dental cements can become brittle with time and lose its bonding strength. Fortunately, this is the simplest problem to fix and is one of the most common.


What do I do when my tooth crown falls out?

First, make sure you don’t swallow or inhale the crown. If you do, visit your local hospital emergency department to get a chest x-ray taken to locate the crown.

Second, contact your Toronto dentist to assess, clean and properly recement the tooth crown. In the meanwhile, keep it safe in a small container or bag. You may disinfect the crown with rubbing alcohol.

If the tooth still has the nerve inside it intact, the exposed tooth may feel uncomfortable or sensitive without its protective dental crown. Keep the tooth clean of food debris. Avoid any food or drinks that are too hot or cold that can irritate the tooth. Chew with the opposite side of the mouth.

Do not attempt to glue the tooth crown yourself with superglue. Your dentist uses specific dental cements. If the tooth is in the front of your mouth and you feel the need to temporarily replace the crown for aesthetics, you can visit your local pharmacy and ask for any dental-approved temporary cement. You can alternatively wear a face mask in public to hide your smile.


Common scenarios of dental crown problems

The following is a list of some of the most common situations in which people have had to receive emergency dental care regarding their dental crowns. If any of these situations apply to you, contact your dentist.

The tooth crown has fallen out and part of the tooth and/or filling is stuck inside it

This is an indication that the tooth structure that remains in the mouth is very weak, either from severe tooth decay or from a weakened tooth from a large restoration. It is important to seek help from the dentist so that there is no further damage.

The crown and affected tooth are emitting a foul smell or taste

A foul taste or smell from the tooth and affected crown is a primary indicator that there is tooth decay beneath the surface of the crown. To prevent this, you should floss and brush your teeth regularly. It’s important to floss the area after every meal or snack to prevent food particles from becoming lodged between the crown and the gum line. If you notice a bad smell or taste coming out of the crown, then it’s time to visit your dentist for a check-up. It is possible that the bonding agent was either poorly placed or it’s weakened over time. Avoid eating any hard, sticky, crunchy, or creamy foods in the meantime.

The dental crown has fallen off but the rest of the tooth appears intact

If the tooth crown appears to be hollow on the inside, it may indicate that the remaining tooth structure in your mouth is in good shape. Rinse the tooth crown, keep it in a safe place like a small container or a plastic bag, and arrange to visit your dentist to have it glued back on.

The tooth crown has fall out and there is not much tooth remaining at the gum line

To successfully re-glue the crown, there must be adequate tooth structure above the gum to hold it in place. Arrange to visit your dentist so that they may assess the tooth for treatment.

The permanent crown feels loose but is still being held in place

If a permanent crown feels loose please call your dentist to have it checked immediately. It may be as simple as re-cementing the crown back on or be more serious like the tooth under the crown has broken.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to recement or replace my dental crown?

A common question is how much an Emergency Dental Visit costs in Toronto. For more information on emergency dental visit costs, visit our page on Emergency dental services.

Can I still eat and drink after my dental crown has fallen out?

You may still eat and drink after a dental crown has fallen out and before you visit the dentist. Be sure to eat with the opposite side of the mouth, avoid any excessively hot or cold foods that can irritate the tooth, and to brush and floss immediately after eating to keep the tooth clean. Be sure to keep the loose crown out of the mouth. Do not attempt to place the dental crown back on the tooth before you eat.

Why is the tooth under the dental crown black?

If the tooth underneath the dental crown is discoloured or black, this could be an indication of dental decay. Sometimes, teeth that have had amalgam fillings or root canal therapy before the dental crown was placed can stain the tooth a dark colour. Have your dentist assess the health of the tooth.

If my crown is loose but still stuck on the tooth, should I try to pull it off?

If the dental crown appears to be moving but is still firmly on the tooth, it is best not to attempt to pull out the loose crown as this can cause some damage to the affected tooth and the surrounding teeth. The exception to this rule is if the tooth is very loose and appears to almost fall out with the slightest finger pressure. In this latter scenario, you may safely remove the tooth by hand and contact your dentist for an appointment.

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