Privacy Statement

Our Written Statement of Information Practices and Notice of Purposes

Atlas Dental understands the importance of protecting your personal health information. To help you understand how we are doing that, we have outlined below how our office is collecting, using and disclosing your personal health information.

This office will collect, use and disclose information about you for the following purposes:

  • To assess your health needs and provide safe and efficient dental care.
  • To enable us to contact and maintain communication with you to distribute health care information and to book and confirm appointments.
  • To communicate with other treating health care providers, including other dentists, physicians, pharmacists and lab technicians.
  • For teaching and demonstrating purposes on an anonymous basis.
  • To complete and submit dental claims for third party adjudication and payment.
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To deliver your charts and records to the dentist’s insurance carrier to enable the insurance company to assess liability and quantify damages, as necessary.
  • To invoice for goods and services.
  • To process credit card payments.
  • To collect unpaid accounts.

All staff members who come in contact with your personal health information are aware of the sensitive nature of the information that you have disclosed to us. They are all trained in the appropriate uses and protection of your information.

  • Only necessary information is collected about you;
  • We only share your information with your consent;
  • Storage, retention and destruction of your personal health information complies with existing legislation, and privacy protection protocols;
  • Our privacy protocols comply with privacy legislation, standards of our regulatory body, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, and the law.

Please note that any questions or concerns that you might have about your personal health information can be directed to Dr David Nguy.

Dr David Nguy can be reached at the following:

Telephone: (416) 597-0534

Email: Send us a message here

Mailing Address: Atlas Dental, 123 Edward Street Suite 1107, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1E2

By signing the “Consent to Collection of Personal Health Information” section of the Atlas Dental New Patient Form, you agree that you have given your informed consent to the collection, use and/or disclosure of your personal health information for the purposes that are listed. If a new purpose arises for the use and/or disclosure of your personal health information, we will seek your approval in advance.

Your personal health information may be accessed by regulatory authorities under the terms of the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) for the purposes of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario fulfilling its mandate under the RHPA.

You may withdraw your consent for use or disclosure of your personal health information at any time.

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