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Having your teeth cleaning done professionally by a dentist or dental hygienist is good for you and should be a regular part of your wellness plan. Contact us at Atlas Dental to schedule your teeth cleaning appointment today. Read more about the cost of teeth cleaning below.

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How much does a Teeth cleaning cost in Toronto?

A common question is how much does it cost to get a teeth cleaning? Many factors will affect the price. But generally, you can expect the price of a teeth cleaning to range between $232 to 290 per session.

The major factors that determine the cost of a teeth cleaning include:

  • Where you live,
  • Amount of time it takes to cleaning your teeth, and
  • Whether you have dental insurance.

Where you live cost factor

Each geographical region uses a different fee guide.

In Toronto, Ontario, most dentists will provide teeth cleaning services consistent with the Ontario Dental Association’s Suggested Fee Guide. This Fee Guide is suggested, meaning that dentists can go above or below the suggested fee. However, dentists will generally follow the recommended fee for basic services (teeth cleanings included) to ensure fair and competitive treatment cost. At Atlas Dental, we are at fee guide for basic services, such as wisdom tooth extraction.

Amount of time it takes to cleaning your teeth

Cleanings are billed by units of time that it takes to clean your teeth.

An adult with a complete set of upper and lower teeth can take 1.0 to 1.25 hrs to clean and polish your teeth. Children and adults with fewer teeth will take less time to clean, and therefore will cost less. If your hygienist finds that you have severe gum disease, there is a lot of plaque and debris, or you require local anaesthetic for your cleanings, then 2 or more appointments may be required.

The prices quoted below are according to the Ontario Dental Association fee guide in 2021:

  • 15 minutes: $58
  • 30 minutes: $116
  • 45 minutes: $174
  • 1 hour: $232
  • 1 hour 15 minutes: $290

Whether you have dental insurance

You will not have to pay as much out of pocket if you have dental insurance.

Having dental insurance will help cover a portion of the cost, if not all of the cost, of your dental cleaning. Cleaning is a basic service and will almost always receive coverage. The amount of coverage will vary from plan to plan. Therefore, be sure to find out from your insurance carrier how much you are eligible for before going ahead with dental treatment.

If you have any further questions about the cost of removing wisdom teeth in Toronto, please contact us.

Dental Cleaning in Toronto FAQ's

While brushing and flossing are terrific ways to keep your teeth and gums clean at home, it is not enough. Calculus, tartar and stains will build on your teeth over time and is almost impossible to remove by yourself. If left unchecked, this debris can cause dental caries, and gum disease.

This is where getting your teeth cleaning by your dentist or hygienist is helpful. At Atlas Dental, we pair you with a registered dental hygienist who will provide a thorough Teeth Cleaning and a comfortable experience.

This is a question that we get asked very often. Patients wonder how long they will have to sit for their Teeth Cleaning appointment. Typical hygiene appointments at Atlas Dental are booked in 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minute increments. If it is your first time in a long while getting Teeth Cleaning, you may require more than one appointment to get your initial cleaning done. This is so that they hygienist can do a thorough job.

The needs of each individual are different and will depend on the current state of your mouth. Under a regular maintenance program, a patient may require a cleaning every six to nine months. If a patient has special periodontal needs or is at higher risk of getting cavities, we often advise more frequent cleanings.

If this is your first time at our dental office, we will collect some basic personal, health and dental information to better understand your needs as a patient.

Our hygienists are fully qualified and licensed by the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario. You will be greeted by the hygienist and brought into the dental hygiene suite.

From there, she will start your teeth cleaning. The dental hygienist uses both manual and ultrasonic scalers to clean your teeth. If it has been a long time since your last cleaning, don’t be surprised if the appointment is uncomfortable. Plaque and tartar build-up can make your gums and teeth very sensitive.

If you require a deep Teeth Cleaning or if you find the experience too sensitive, local anaesthesia (freezing) can be given to numb your teeth and gums by our dentist. Just ask!

Afterwards, the hygienist will also polish your teeth to remove stains on your teeth, to bring out a bright, whitened smile.

You may have heard these terms before and felt a little overwhelmed by them. But in a practical sense, they are all the same. All require the use of special dental tools to remove plaque, calculus, tartar and stains from your teeth. 

  • Scaling and root planing are more technical dental terminology for a Teeth Cleaning.
  • Deep Teeth Cleaning may involve cleaning the teeth below the gums where calculus can form. These kinds of deep scaling and root planing often require the use of local freezing of the gum to ensure your comfort.
  • Polishing is the last step of your dental cleaning, in which the dentist or hygienist will use prophy paste and a motorized prophy handpiece to remove stubborn stains on the tooth. This will reveal bright white teeth.

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