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Tooth removal/Tooth extraction surgery

Tooth removal is a dentist’s last resort. If a tooth is damaged by tooth decay, chipped or broken, your Toronto dentist will first attempt to repair it through a dental filling, root canal treatment, or crown. When a tooth is damaged beyond repair or an infection is causing gum disease, sometimes the dentist has no choice but to remove it. 

If you are having a toothache and are looking to remove a broken or decayed tooth, contact us at Atlas Dental for same day emergency tooth removal. 

Impacted wisdom teeth removal

A wisdom tooth, also known as a third molar, is the last tooth in the back of your mouth. Patients often get this tooth extracted because there is not enough room for them to grow. They cause pain, infection, dental decay, and other dental problems in the gum line and surrounding teeth. Dentists solve this problem with wisdom tooth extraction.

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How much does Tooth Removal cost?

For a regular tooth that is not a wisdom tooth, the cost of oral surgery can range between $169-260 depending on the level of difficulty. A simple extraction involves administering local anesthesic and simply removing the tooth with a pair of forceps. A difficult surgical extraction may involve making an incision in the gum, removing the tooth in pieces, removing bone, and placing sutures.

Similarly, depending on the level of difficulty for wisdom teeth extraction, costs can range from $169-556.

If it is also your first time visiting the emergency dentist, you should also factor the cost of the emergency examination ($50-140), and dental x-ray ($30).

What to expect during dental surgery

Tooth extraction is done in one appointment.

Before tooth removal surgery, the dentist does a thorough oral health exam and reviews your medical history, as well as what level of sedation you may require. General anesthetic (being put to sleep) may require a referral to the oral surgeons office.

Local anesthesia (freezing) is given to numb the area for patient comfort. The dentist will always first apply numbing jelly to the gum, ensuring patient comfort before the local anesthetic is delivered through a syringe.

Your dental team will check to ensure your teeth are fully anesthetized before teeth removal. The entire procedure can take less than one hour, depending on the number of teeth being removed and difficulty.

After the teeth removal, your dentist will review post-operative instructions

Tooth Removal Toronto FAQ's

Tooth removal is a dentist’s last resort. We would prefer saving teeth whenever possible.

However, there are many reasons why tooth extraction may be necessary, such as excessive tooth decay, cracks and fractures, tooth infection, gum disease, failed root canal therapy, trauma and orthodontic crowding. Contact us to learn about your options.

In our office, our goal is for you to have a comfortable experience with minimal pain. We will always administer numbing cream before giving you freezing. After the local anaesthesia has taken effect, you should not feel any tooth pain. You may feel pushing pressure as the dentist removes the tooth, but this is normal and not painful.

Sometimes if the tooth is already infected or inflamed, it may be difficult to freeze the tooth.

Generally, if the dentist has indicated that you must remove the tooth, there is no alternative treatment.

You do have several options for replacing missing teeth such as a dental bridgedental implant or removable partial denture to restore chewing function and prevent adjacent teeth from shifting.

If you feel anxious or fearful of a tooth extraction, there are ways the dentist can help. At Atlas Dental, your dentist can provide you with sedation to help you feel more relaxed, either with nitrous oxide laughing gas or an orally ingested sedation pill.

There are number of things you can do to manage tooth pain, such as taking pain medication, keeping the area as clean as possible, and avoiding use of that side of the mouth until you can see the dentist. For more information, please visit Toothache: How to manage from home until you can see a dentist.

Your dentist should provide you with oral surgery post operative instructions. Follow these post-operative instructions for tooth removal.

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